The Writer’s Bane: Writer’s Block

Gerbil near computer keyboard.

One Solution for writer's block: let your gerbil out to run on your desk and keyboard.

Writer’s block is a bane to most writers at some point. You know you have writer’s block when you sit down to write and no words or ideas come to mind, and you end up with nothing on the page. That’s a very frustrating time. So, how do you handle writer’s block? I came across some interesting sites that share ways to beat writer’s block. They offer various ideas such as taking a walk, to using online tools to help inspire your brain and break through the writer’s block.

While surfing the Internet yesterday, I came across an article on dealing with writer’ block, and how to overcome it. The article, “How to Beat Writer’s Block Online”, by Amy-Mae Elliott, where she discusses ways to recover from the dreaded writing disease by using some online tools. One suggestion was to visit a site called Language is a Virus. This is an interesting site that offers numerous online ways to work through writer’s block. Some of the tools include creative writing games, writing exercises, and more. This site is definitely geared more toward those who write fiction, but any writer could benefit from using the tools offered here.

Another site I found was Purdue OWL: Online Writing Lab. Here, you can find some of the causes of writer’s block, followed by suggestions (“cures”) to break through your current non-writing dilemma. This site is geared toward university students who are having trouble writing papers. Again, any writer could benefit from this site by reading through the “cures” and adapting these to their specific situation. One of the issues stressed on this site is the fact writers often become anxious about the writing assignment. This can be true not only for students, but freelance writers, too. Using one of the suggestions here might help you to break through the stress you’re feeling and help the words begin to flow once again.

The last site, Get Paid To Write Online, offered some excellent no-nonsense ways to break through writer’s block in the article “10 Ways to Break Through Freelance Writer’s Block,” by Dana Price. In her article, Dana discusses some ways to break through writer’s block such as using every day activities. She suggested doing the dishes as a great way to break writer’s block. You could use most any household chore to help. When you’re physically active and away from your writing, your mind has a chance to relax and consciously deal with the physical work at hand. This helps to free up your subconscious to focus on the writing assignment. While you’re doing the housework, all of a sudden your mind breaks in with some inspiration, and then you’re ready to write again. If this doesn’t work, Dana offered some excellent advice by saying it’s sometimes necessary to sleep on it. You might be too tired to think and just need to give your mind and body a rest.

Writer’s block can be a serious issue, but most of the time it will work itself out. You just have to relax and give your mind and body a chance to rest. Be sure to check out each of the sites above for some interesting and helpful ways to deal with writer’s block. How do you deal with writer’s block?

Happy writing!


Photo credit: Sher Vacik

Gerbil: Ota Vacik–he’s quite a ham and had a lot of fun running on my desk! He was a great diversion and a cure for my writer’s block that day!

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